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A little bit about myself...

I have about 5 years of university back-end lang(s)/algorithm experience and I've been a front-end/full-stack web developer for about 3-4 years recently. I appreciate sleek, modern designs and am looking for front end work.

Thanks for visiting my site!   Here's some of my projects! .

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When I'm not coding...

  • ~ I enjoy listening to music ~
  • ~ Exercise/Yoga ~

Work Projects

StarHealth (Upwork Client /

Chat Screen (Bazar Marketplace App)


Chat Screen (OfferUp - Bazar SS N/A )


Dashboard (Largo Credit)


Active Deals (Largo Credit)


Company List - Collapsible (Largo Credit)


Personal Projects

E-Commerce Site (Amazona)

Weather App (Vanilla JS)

WebCheckers (Java/Ajax)

PathBuilder (Java)

Particle Hover Effect (JS)

Pong (JS)

Raindrops (Python)

Full Stack Developer

Bazar Marketplace, Inc

Designed chat system for Bazar's marketplace apps to help vendors sell their products using Django & React Native.

Provided ideas for UI improvements, data optimization, and third-party packages.

Period: Feb. 2022 - April 2022

Front End Developer

Largo Capital, Inc

Work alongside, communicate with business to translate their needs into a real estate web app.

Participated in daily stand-up meetings in an agile development workflow.

Used Laravel to develop MVC application written in PHP, while using PostgreSQL for our relational database.

Modernized website interface to enhance user experience. (Bootstrap, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Twig)

Period: Dec. 2020 - August 2021


Rochester Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Computer Science 2016-2022

Activities and societies: Tennis Club, Judo Club, KISA (Korean International Student Association), ACS (Asian Culture Society)

Exposure to a lot of back-end Java, Python and some experience with machine learning/training data..

Bachelor of Film & Animation 2013-2016

Took some acting and animation classes.

Participated in Ani-Jam (24 hr animation competition).